Manual of Operations 2018 .  *Stand by for an updated version of the MOP*



To provide a sport in which riders and horses can compete in a healthy, competitive environment. The WOTCPA takes pride in the association, its members, and sponsors. The WOTCPA will do it’s best to ensure that the sport of Team Cattle Penning remains a reputable sport, taking into consideration the safety of its members and the animals involved. In order to do so, the WOTCPA has compiled an outline of its rules and regulations.


Our association will make all attempts to follow the C.T.C.P.A. official rules with limited exceptions. If any adaptations have been made to the rules, the changes are included within or WOTCPA Manual. You can access this manual on the W.O.T.C.P.A. website ( A copy of the C.T.C.P.A. rules can be downloaded from the C.T.C.P.A. website.

Amendment - Olympic average currently not in use


* President

  • 2 year term
  • must have been an executive member for at least 1 year followed by a term as vice president
  • Call and chair meetings, including the annual AGM
  • Nonvoting unless to break a tie

* Vice President

  • 2 year term
  • Vice President must be an executive member and must be voted in by the executive at an executive meeting.
  • The vice president must have already served at least a one year term as an executive member.

* Secretary

  • 3 year term
  • Job is to take minutes at the meetings
  • To do points (Paid position)
  • Organize the AGM
  • Send out all correspondence via email
  • Keep membership list
  • Must be voted in by the general membership at the AGM
  • To do entries or delegate a replacement

* Treasurer

  • 3 year term
  • Voted in by the general membership at the AGM
  • Responsible for all financial recordings
  • Co-signer on all cheques
  • Produce monthly financial reports to be present at all pennings
  • Deposit all monies
  • Withdraw all monies from bank for pennings
  • Prepare cash float for pennings

* Directors (4 positions)

  • Voted in by the general membership at the AGM
  • Two year term
  • Assist with running of the WOTCPA
  • Involved in decision making and rulings
  • Help with fundraising events
  • Chair committees as needed
  • Directors are required to attend 60% of wotcpa penning, events and meetings.

* Rating Committee

  • 3 year term
  • Voted in by the general membership at the AGM
  • Must be rated a 4 or higher
  • Meet yearly to discuss the ratings of fellow team penners, make changes as necessary
  • Must attend 60% of all team pennings


The membership fee for an adult is $ 40.00 per person or $80.00 per family or $15.00 for youth (that ride youth classes only). The membership fee must be paid prior to participating and no later than June for previous year’s members or after a penning has been held at each cattle contractor’s location. A penalty fee of $40 will be charged on late memberships.
Amendment: Maximum age to take part in family membership fee is 18 years of age.  After which riders are required to pay an individual membership.


Each rider is required to pay an administration fee each day of a competition to cover costs of entries announcing, judging, timing and points calculations. Anyone riding the numbered classes or open class will pay $10.00. Youth riding only senior youth pay $5.00 and youth riding only junior youth will not be charged an administration fee.

Over Ride Limit:   A rider who goes over the allotted ride limit will forfeit the run cost.  They must also find someone else to take the ride.  The new rider will be required to pay a run fee.


The WOTCPA rules state that a long sleeve button shirt with a collar and a western hat or helmet must be worn by all riders while penning at a competition. Short sleeve or no sleeve shirts are not acceptable.  A rider will NOT be permitted to enter the pen without proper attire. He/she will be responsible for finding an alternate rider if they cannot meet attire requirements.  There will be no refund to that rider if they cannot participate due to a lack of a proper attire. 

  • Short sleeve shirts are allowed. Must have collar and an actual sleeve, no tank tops/polo type shirts.


All riders under 18 years of age MUST wear a CSA approved helmet regardless of which class he/she rides in.


A Junior Youth member is 12 or under as of January 1st in the year of competition. A Senior Youth member is 16 years of age as of January 1st in the year of competition. All youth members are rated as a “1” unless they have been rated a higher number by the Rating Committee.  It is the option of the “rated youth” to ride in the youth class or the numbered class, or both.

Amendment: Class now called the Mixer Class  -Mandatory to ride at least once per penning

Open drawpot riders are any riders who would like to ride in a drawpot class. Riders can be rates from 1-5. The riders will be allowed 7 riders per penning. The open drawpot class will be ran at ALL pennings.


The rating committee is made up of three members of the association rated no less than a four.  Amendment: The committee is made of 5 members including 2 members of the executive committee.  They meet at the end of each penning season where they review and adjust ratings where necessary and allocate a rating to all new members.

The rating committee retains the right to change a rider’s rating prior to June 15 or after the rider has competed at two pennings.
If a member has a grievance with their rating before June 15 of that penning season, that member may submit their grievance in a sealed envelope along with $50. This must be submitted to an executive member. An executive member will then deliver the grievance to the rating committee. The rating committee then has one week to meet and decide on the grievance. The decision will be returned in a sealed envelope to the executive, which will then be delivered to the member. The $50 will ONLY be returned to if the grievance favours the member.

Rating Committee Goals

The purpose of rating each member is to provide a fair and level playing field for all members. No one should be riding with an advantage, or be disadvantaged, when competing with other members.

It is stressed that at any time, when determining the rating of an individual, rating committees must not consider the effect on the individual member but the effect on the membership as a whole. If the member pens like a 3 then they are rated a 3. If they pen like a 2 then they are rated a 2. The individual’s age, length of time penning, existing teams, or the fact they may skip a rating level altogether, simply do not enter into the equation. The penner’s ability dictates what their rating should be.

 AMMENDMENT:  Within the WOTCPA, a Junior Youth member will not be rated higher than a 1 unless he or she competes in numbered or open classes.  If a junior youth member competes in the numbered classes, the rating committee could choose to re-rate that rider .

When rating a penner, rating committees cannot consider personal relationships, emotions or conflicts of interest. The decision must be based solely on the individual’s ability. The rate of improvement the individual has shown, and the likelihood of significant improvement by the end of the year should also be considered. It is the responsibility of the Rating Coordinator to ensure that all riders in affiliated Associations are rated on a level playing field across the Nation.

The biggest test of the ratings system is when penners across all associations compete in shows such as National Finals and other large shows. A #4 from one association should pen similar to a #4 from any other association. If even one penner competes at a show and is incorrectly rated, he or she has been given a competitive advantage, all other penners have been disadvantaged, and the integrity of the CTCPA Ratings System is put in jeopardy.

The purpose of the Rating Coordinator position is to ensure every rider, no matter which affiliate association they belong to, is rated at the appropriate level. The WOTCPA is responsible for the integrity of the rating system, and as such, the WOTCPA as owners of the rating system will have the final say.


The WOTCPA has a 5 number rating system as follows:

7 – A number 7 penner is a top notch penner who has exceptional skills and excels in all areas of penning. 
6 – A number 6 penner has elite skills, is highly proficient in all areas of penning and is highly competitive.
5 – This penner is highly proficient in all areas of penning
4 – This penner is above average in most areas of penning
3 – This penner is average in most areas of penning
2 – This penner is developing his/her skills where they are no longer a beginner yet are not achieving overall average penning skills
1 – This penner is well below average in penning skills and is most likely a new rider or a new penner or a penner who needs to develop in all areas of penning criteria


This is a list of some criteria that should be used when evaluating a penners rating

1. Riding Ability
2. Ability to read a cow
3. Ability to react to a situation
4. Ability to play different positions
5. Communication Skills
6. Coaching Ability

OLYMPIC AVERAGE – The Olympic average will not be calculated. Riders will keep ALL points received in a given penning season.

NO TRASH - If an unassigned cow (trash) crosses the cattle / start line at any time during the run, the team will be disqualified. Cattle will be judged over the cattle/start line when all four feet are over the line.


If a member has an issue or a grievance it is to be dealt with as follows: The executive member is to hear the person’s grievance and make no comment for or against and listen respectfully. The executive is to request that the riders issue be written down for the committee to read so that the member’s issue is not misinterpreted by the executive. The member of the executive is to assure the member that this issue will be taken to the executive and the person will be invited to an executive meeting. The executive will deal with the issue in an efficient fashion and the meeting will be called as soon as possible and the decision will be returned to the member.
If an executive member is approached by a member in anger the “24 hour cool off” will apply.


There will be no rider rep. If a team has a grievance the team should approach the judge and state their issue. The judge will review the grievance and give his/her decision. No grievance will be heard if any member leaves the ring.


50% of all monies a member gets in sponsorship can be allocated to the penning of his/her choice as added money. The other 50% remains with the association.


Persons or organizations may from time to time request to host a penning for the WOTCPA. The following items are taken into consideration to protect the reputation of our organization and to be fair to all requests.
In return for a percentage of the entry fees (otherwise known as stock contractor fees):

  1. They supply an adequate number of cattle which are numbered and of sufficient size and quality (min. 60 head)
  2. An Enclosed Pen size of 80 x 150 with sufficient high sides to contain cattle and a catch pen with and automatic back gate
  3. Adequate safe footing
  4. Holding area for cattle
  5. Water for horses and cattle
  6. A raised stand for both Judges, the Timers and Announcer with a Public Address system( if required) and power.
  7. Washroom facilities
  8. Food concession booth
  9. Spectator seating (optional)
  10. Lighting if required


The decision to cancel a penning is made by the stock contractor and/or an executive member. The decision will be made taking into consideration safety for all those involved. It is the member’s sole discretions to choose to participate. Every effort will be made to hold a penning, however due to inclement weather, if there is any question, it is the member’s responsibility to contact the stock contractor. If the stock contractor has decided to cancel, the executive members will be notified as soon as possible.  If a penning is cancelled due to rain, that penning would be held the day following the cancelled penning at the same location as the scheduled penning.

If a penning proceeds in inclement weather, it is up to the rider to accept conditions as they are or choose not to ride. Once entries close, the entry cannot be refunded. A rider substitution can be made.

If a penning is cancelled after the penning has begun, the cattle contractor will be paid for the teams that ran. Pay to the judge, announcer, entries person and points person can be paid on a prorated basis according to # of classes gone.

Any class started, will be finished. Payouts and points will be allocated for that class. If a rain date is chosen to replace an unfinished penning, that penning will run all classes and all classes will be pointed.

A date may be selected at the beginning of the year to be kept open for a rain date. If there was to be added money at a cancelled penning, it will NOT be added at the rain date, but at the next penning that contractor is scheduled to host, or another penning selected by the members who obtained the sponsorship money.


Each rider will be limited to a maximum of 7 entries per class including youth classes.


Entry fees are $90 for open team, $60 for 5 class team, $75 for 8 & 11 class team, $30 for Sr. Youth team and $20 for Jr. Youth team.


50% of all entry monies collected plus any added money for the competition is used for payouts. Note: 45% cattle fee plus 5% association fee is deducted from all classes, including the youth classes.


Points are calculated by class to each rider separately. The top 6 teams are given points as follows:

  1. 1st place riders get 30 points plus 1 point for each team it beats. (eg. In a class of 40 teams, 1st place riders get 30 points plus 39 points = 69 points)
  2. 2nd place riders get 25 points plus 1 point for each team it beat (eg.40 team class, 25 + 38 = 63 pts)
  3. 3rd place riders get 20 points plus 1 point for each team it beat (eg. 40 team class, 20 + 37 = 57 pts)
  4. 4th place riders get 15 points plus 1 point for each team it beat (eg. 40 team class, 15 + 36 = 51 pts)
  5. 5th place riders get 10 points plus 1 point for each team it beat (eg. 40 team class, 10 + 35 = 45 pts)
  6. 6th place riders get 10 points plus 1 point for each team it beat (eg. 40 team class, 5 + 34 = 39 pts)


To qualify for finals, members must compete and pay an administration fee at a minimum of 55% of all pointed pennings in that year, including adults riding on junior youth teams.

The top pointed 15 riders in each class will compete at finals. All classes will be run with a double go with an aggregate on 6 head. Each rider is to make up one team per class which they have qualified for. That team then will be run as that rider’s team only and will qualify for points for just that rider. Payouts, however, are to all three riders on the team. There will be go round money paid out as well as aggregate money. Buckles are awarded for year end and day in all classes with the exception of the draw pot class. Awards for penner of the year and most improved are also given out.  Amendment: Draw pot class - now called the Mixer class will have a year end and day buckle