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 Rules of the game:

There are 30 head of cattle with numbers on their backs. There are 3 sets of numbers for each 30 head.
(3 – 0’s, 3 –
1’s, 3 – 2’s etc.).

There are 3 people on horses that form 1 team.

When the Judge puts the flag down (and the time starts), the 3 people head toward the cattle at the far end of the arena.
As they pass the announcer they are told their assigned number.

They then try to get their 3 numbered cattle without any of the other cattle coming along.

There is a foul line ¾ of the way up the pen which only 1 wrong numbered cattle can cross.

The 3 people on horses chase the 3 right numbered cattle into the small pen at the end of the arena.

When the cattle are in the small pen, the team members raise their hands and the time is stopped.

The team is allowed 90 seconds to get this job done, but some of the best times have been 19 seconds.

The team is automatically disqualified if:

- more than 1 wrong-numbered animal is over the foul line.

- a wrong-numbered animal enters the small pen.

**All riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet
**Know your order of go and be ready -30 sec time limit for late team/rider before disqualification
**Respect fellow penners, officials and volunteers
**Proper conduct is expected at all times
**Recommend members have their own liability insurance